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Liza Giusti and Caroline Monteiro are two sisters, lawyers and business women, whose passion for beauty and love takes them on a journey to create handmade fine jewelry utilizing the power of pearls, precious and semi-precious stones and metals. 

While practicing law, Liza Giusti - mom of three - found her true passion while helping with her children’s bead crafting projects. At first, Liza focused on building seed bead bugs and wine charms as a pastime. As her experience and passion developed, however, she began crafting beautiful jewelry, which she gifted and donated. Overtime, her masterpieces took her to a next level and she decided to create LK Sister. Her stunning pieces have become popular and are well recognized across the United States and Brazil. 

Caroline Monteiro, also a lawyer and mom of three, recently joined Liza in her journey. While managing her booming family business, she developed an obsession with designing and creating gemstone and pearl pieces. Word spread as wildfire, and now, these amazing sisters are here to bring joy and beauty to you.

Liza, based in USA, and Caroline, based in Brazil, have developed their own separate businesses, run in distinct divisions. However, they share creativity, ideas, passion, and, of course, the brand name.


Inspired by philosophy, art and their own desire to feel beautiful, they create unique pieces to lift the spirit, inspire beauty, and satisfy the soul.

Enjoy our gemstones, pearls, metals, colors, shapes, and sizes, and don't hesitate to contact and customize a special piece for you. 


"Feel beautiful, feel good." Liza G

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